Activities & Attractions


Dream View Chalet

  • Outdoor Living
    • Front Yard Bench
    • Walking Around the House
    • Rhododendrons in Spring
  • Hiking Around the House
    • Animal Trails
    • Ferns under the canopy of the Beech Trees
    • Rock Formations
    • Cliffs
  • The Sky - Dream View Chalet is all about being a part of the sky.  When you are on the top of a mountain with the majestic vistas spreading out before you on three sides, the sky is everywhere and you are truly a part of the ever-changing environment.  When it is clear or clouds are light, the full views open up before you.  The sky is huge and the stars at night go on forever.  Watching the moon move through its phases, noting where it is each day and how dramatic it becomes as it moves toward fullness, becomes a highlight in the daily routine.  The clouds are ever-changing, going from an enveloping frosted fog to a roaring thunderhead putting on a light show right before your eyes.  But the big show at DVC is sunset.  The excitement of watching the sun move toward the horizon, seeing its final slip behind the distant mountains is then intensified as the spectacular colors that are created blaze across the sky.  The clouds distort the setting sun, creating waves of reds and oranges, often looking like boiling lava.  This spectacular light show evolves and can continue for hours.  Pictures of the sky at times look like bizarre works of abstract art, actually being unable to imagine that what is in the photo was actually real.  Only the aurora borealis competes with this spectacle.  

Emerald Mountain

  • Oz Ski Run – Within a few feet of the house directly across Oz Circle, will provide access to lifts and all runs on the mountain.
  • Hiking Trails – Numerous trails crisscross the top of the mountain, both marked and un-marked.  Several are suitable for cross country biking. 

Beech Mountain

  • Ski Beech
  • Beech Mountain Club – Golf, swimming and tennis
  • Lake Coffey
  • Buckeye Lake
  • Hiking Trails
  • Water Falls

Within 5 miles

  • Banner Elk
  • Sugar Mountain

Within 10 miles

  • Blue Ridge Parkway – Started in 1935, this amazing ridge top road provides access to some of the most beautiful country America has to offer. 
  • Grandfather Mountain – Explore this globally-recognized nature preserve on the highest NC peak in the Blue Ridge. 
  • Linville Viaduct – The last section of the Blue Ridge Parkway to be completed in the 1980’s, this engineering marvel soars over the edge of Grandfather Mountain providing the most impressive views anywhere along the entire Parkway route. 
  • Old Linville – One of the earliest resort towns founded around the turn of the 20th century, known for its grand old homes with chestnut siding, beautiful golf course, and the elegant Esseola Lodge
  • Esseola Golf and Country Club and Esseola Lodge – One of the premier private clubs in the resort area, the dining room is open to the public and a spectacle not to be missed.  Jackets and ties required. 
  • Valle Crucis – The Valley of the Cross is one of the oldest settled areas in the region. 
  • White Water Rafting on the Watauga River – This north flowing river provides great scenery and rapids for all levels of rafting enthusiasts.
  • Elk River Falls – Also north flowing, the Elk River starts on Sugar Mountain, courses through Banner Elk, and creates the vast valley beneath the house.  Just a few miles north of the valley are the falls, a favorite swimming location in the summer. 


Within 15 miles

  • Linville River – Starting on Grandfather Mountain and flowing southwest, this river flows through Linville then forms a lake at Linville Land Harbor (see our other property location there at
  • Linville Falls – Continue further south, the river cascades off the mountain creating several divergent falls.  There are great trails all around the falls which can be reached from the Parkway or from US 221 near the town of Linville Falls. 
  • Linville Gorge – After passing over the falls, the river creates the largest and deepest gorge east of the Mississippi river as it flows toward the Catawba River.
  • Wiseman’s View – This incredible point is created by the river curving to the west as it leaves the mountain with spectacular views of the gorge, Hawk’s Bill and Table Rock Mountains. 

Within 20 miles

  • Boone – The “big city” in the Blue Ridge, home of Appalachian State University and the main location for shopping. 
  • Blowing Rock – The other historic resort town of the Blue Ridge, Blowing Rock is a little more cosmopolitan with a wider variety of shops and activities than Linville.  Don’t miss their wonderful art festivals.
  • Linville Caverns – Further down US 221 are the most famous caverns in North Carolina.  This is a great year-round activity for young and old alike. 
  • Roan Mountain – The highest mountain in Tennessee is the most prominently visible from Dream View Chalet being directly across the valley from the house.  Miles of hiking trails, cross county skiing, and other outdoor activities make this state park a great half day trip.